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The depiction of the wormhole was quite amazing

I just saw Interstellar tonight.  It was being shown in several different formats, from digital projection (standard these days) to 35mm to 70mm IMAX.  I read that the director’s first choice would be for people to see it in 70mm IMAX glory as that was the medium it was filmed in.  But, I didn’t feel like driving an hour to Irvine and then paying $20 for a ticket.  I saw that Arclight was showing a 35mm print so I figured the smaller print would suffice – smaller but still that film quality.

Well, just my luck but the projector was having problems with the audio.  They literally had to stop the film 15 minutes in, try to fix it, and then switch to a digital projection.  I was pretty annoyed but whatever…  I just wanted to watch the movie.  I will say though, that when they switched from the film to digital I was able to compare the quality.  The digital projection lacks a warmth and depth that the film print has.  The digital projection is sharper (sharper lines, more in focus) but it lacks the color depth.  I really miss film.  It was so nice to see the dust and scratches on the print.

Anyway.  I really wanted to like this film, and for the most part I did.  It brought out that childish wonder that I get when I watch a good sci-fi film.  When they first go through the wormhole I think my mouth was hanging open – they depicted it so well.  And then on the planet with the huge open water swells – WOW.  As a surfer, that was f r i g h t e n i n g.  I love the idea of a planet that has 500 ft waves.   What kind of a storm generates that!?   Although I must say, the waves were impossibly steep, so they must have been near shore.  And the water only seemed to be like 1 foot deep where they were standing, so I didn’t understand why the wave was just rolling through and not crashing.  It didn’t make much sense to me.  But maybe that’s the surf you get when you’re just a couple thousand miles from a black hole.  Or maybe it was a tidal swing??  I don’t get it.    Anyway…  I didn’t watch the movie for a lecture on tidal science.

When Coop comes back from the wave planet (where time is slower due to the proximity to the black hole) to find his shipmate has been waiting for them for….27 years.  Holy crap.  What a movie moment.  I was shocked.  I know that time is relative and I’ve read about time moving slower based on gravity in books.  But seeing it represented as people trying to rush back from a planet because an hour to them is 7 years to their friend waiting at the base station just blew my mind.  It just makes the science behind relativity and our perception of time all the more weird and interesting.

The script seemed unwieldy though.  Major plot points seem rushed at times, giving you the bare minimum information to roll on through to the next plot point.  The ending seemed rushed as well, and a bit disjointed compared to the beginning of the film.

Despite the fact that it just didn’t come together the way I would have liked, I still found it to be incredibly enjoyable.  I love the ideas and science behind it.  That’s why I read a lot of Brian Greene.  It’s been a while since I was truly excited while watching a film, so for that I must give this one a pretty high recommendation.  But then again, I’m a sucker for sci-fi so I might be a bit biased.

Thunderstorm Synchronicity

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I was rudely awoken at 6:30 am this morning by the loudest bang of thunder I’ve heard in a long time.  That’s extremely unusual for So Cal.  That kind of weather just doesn’t happen here.

I had gone to bed late – a variety of reasons had kept me up until almost 3am.  Being woken up at 6:30 was NOT on my agenda.  However, after looking outside and seeing this:

tstormI knew I had to grab my camera and go storm chasing.  It looked like that scene in Donnie Darko, and I expected a plane engine to fall out of the sky.   What I got was an assortment of downpours, rainbows, crazy clouds, and some cool ocean views:








When I opened the app on my phone to check the storm array on the satellite image, I was dumbfounded:


That storm line was moving in such a way that it was going North East but staying directly over Encinitas.  So the entire length of that trail passed right over Encinitas, directly over my apartment.  You couldn’t have aimed it more perfectly.

It’s easy to blow these things out of proportion and think that you’re special or something, but coincidences like this are fun.  I’m constantly saying that I miss the thunderstorms we would get in New York (and also Michigan).  I LOVE thunderstorms.  I will stay up late at night to watch one pass, and I will go out of my way to chase them around.  I’m weird like that.  I get a weird adrenaline rush from thunderstorms though, so maybe that’s why I get so into them.  Either way, it was like someone phoned it in and ordered the storm cell special, parading right over Encinitas and basically leaving the rest of California north and south of this band high and dry.

It’s even more funny because my friends and I were just talking about weird coincidences and synchronicity and all that stuff.  It’s fun to think about.

A Trip In Five Parts

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The husband was frail and gaunt.
a fifth of Scotch
like spring water, gulping
another addict


The European boy
his ghost
the door to the room ajar


Hitchhiking from Athens
without a map
coastal roads, at dusk.
coffee, to keep himself awake


Suzanne asked him what he was hauling.
Inside were thousands of baby chicks in stacks of wire cages.


The Tehran hospital
I would go tomorrow.
Things disappeared,
Bob and the long haired guy
But I remembered them, on the island of Ios.


Get Back

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Best song to cruise around in the car…windows down and volume cranked!

Hollywood Don’t Surf

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Checking Rincon

Checking Rincon

The High Price Of Concessions

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Why are concessions at the movies so expensive?  It seems absurd.  I went to the movies the other night and asked for a small Pepsi.  The guy hands me a cup the size of a thimble, and then asks for $5.25.  For fifty cents more I could forsake the thimble and trade it in for something that looked a little more normal; about the size of a medium drink from McDonald’s.  $5.75 for a thimblefull of sugar water?  Don’t get me started on the $7.00 miniature popcorn.  Get real!  This only drives people to smuggle in their own food.  It also drives them away from the movies altogether.  The main culprit here is the Ultrastar cinema chain here in San Diego.  They have the highest prices and the worst quality.  The theaters are run down, and like I said the concession sizes are for midgets.  The Regal theaters are still outrageously priced but at least they don’t insult you with thimbles.  And they have the rewards program, which rocks.  Every other time I go I get a coupon for a free drink, small popcorn, and the much coveted free movie ticket.


Classic Rock Revival

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Last night my friend Megan and I went to the Belly Up to see the Platinum Rock Stars, a classic rock revival/tribute band.  It was a pretty fun show!  We got there midway through the performance, but for $12 it was kind of cool to hear some very loud rock guitar and see some crazy middle aged people reliving their glory days.  It was very involved too; they had costume changes for each band and were introduced by a booming voice over giving each band’s history.  We were only in there for about an hour and a half, but that was enough to turn my ears to mush.  I have pretty sensitive ears, and today they’re still ringing and things sound very tinny.  I really have to remember to bring my ear plugs the next time I go there since it can get rather loud.

Platinum Rock Stars @ Belly Up

Platinum Rock Stars @ Belly Up

Today I had brunch with the San Diego Surf Ladies and got to hang out with some people who I don’t get to see all that often.  We went to Naked Cafe (named for their use of “naked” or unprocessed food, not because everyone is actually naked) in Solana Beach.  They have amazing food; I got the coconut french toast.  I felt like I was eating dessert!

The SDSL Crew After Brunch

The SDSL Crew After Brunch

This afternoon I finally caved in and purchased my very own……vacuum.  Yes, I’m quite excited about this turn of events.  I spent an hour vacuuming my apartment which had sprouted cobwebs in every corner.  My apartment has a vacuum but it’s awful and doesn’t work well at all.


Example. Not me.

I then mopped the hard floors with my Swiffer Wet Jet, which is a stunning achievement in the field of home appliance engineering.  It’s like a little mop, but on the handle is a little trigger that causes the thing to squirt cleaning solution in front of the mop.  The mop heads are also disposable, so you always have a clean mop.  Probably not very environmental but heck if it’s not convenient.  Such is the downfall of our society.

Anyway, my apartment is completely spick and span now!  Very happy.

I also found this amusing cartoon:


Climate Change!??!

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This article got me really mad:

“Organisers admitted that they seriously  underestimated the impact of climate change when they picked the venue at Cypress Mountain, Vancouver, for some of  the most popular ski and  snowboard events.”

“Seriously underestimated?”  Give me a break.  And now people are going to think that is fact.  Is it a fact?  Meanwhile…IF this locally mild Vancouver winter (hello El Nino) was caused by climate change why in the world would you want to burn tons of fuel to fly in snow (that weighs an enormous amount) instead of moving it to another location?  How can you possibly fly in enough snow to cover a mountain?  How long are they going to do this for?  Sorry, but the annoying thing about this is the spread of conjecture posed as fact by the media, multiplied indefinitely thanks to the internet.  I have no firm and researched opinion on climate change – I’ve seen very good arguments for both sides – but it’s stuff like this that makes me crazy.  Bad reporting all around.

Assault of the Crazy Ladies

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I don’t know why it is, but when I sit down at coffee shops with my computer it’s like I put out a sign that reads “Please come over and talk to me.”  I always attract people who want to ask me to help them get on the internet, want help with their computer, want to know what I do for a living and then immediately want me to give them lessons on internet marketing, or anything else under the sun.

Today I got up early and went to Panera.  The earlier you go, the less likely it will be crowded.  So I got a good table and was really starting to get into a groove, when this lady ambles in.  She was kind of frumpy and had a cane, even though she only looked about in her 50′s.  Anyway, I don’t mind that, but she was one of those talkative people who walks around talking to nobody in particular.  She grabbed one of the Panera workers and asked where she could find any used newspapers that people had left behind, and then had to thoroughly explain the reason why she liked day-old pasteries because you could put them in the microwave.

Anyway, I just KNEW she was going to start talking to me even though I was clearly working on my computer.  Sure enough, she comes over and asks me if my computer keeps running even if it’s unplugged.  I explained that yes it does because it has a battery.  She then pulls out a multi-outlet power strip – you know, the kind you have in an office and can plug about 10 computers into – and asks if I would like to plug it into her power strip.  I think she was under the impression that the power strip would continue to power the computer if the power went out for some reason.  I declined her invitation and explained that I was already plugged into the wall outlet.  Anyway, she starts untangling all her power wires for her laptop and then asks me if I’m from the East Coast.  I was surprised and asked her how she knew, but the only reason she gave was that she would go to New York every year.  But the last time she was in New York was in 1993, visiting her crazy great Aunt.

She then proceeded to regale me with a story about an old college roommate who called her “crazy Anne” for six months, even though her name was something else.  And then, probably because I must have looked utterly entranced by her stories, she proceeded to rant about how nobody makes bagels or pizza like they do in New York, and how this place in Oceanside made this amazing crust to her specifications.

Later on when I was at Starbucks this hyper woman came over and asked me if I could Google a company called Paychex in Carlsbad so she could get the number.  I agreed and searched for the company listing.  She then proceeded to jump up and down as I tried to get the listing, pointing at the computer screen and yapping “no, thats not it – oh maybe this one – no wait this!”  She was so high strung and tense that it pretty much oozed off onto me and I could feel my blood pressure raise by the second.  Finally I sent her off with the regional office number and told her to call them.

I think I’m going to start wearing headphones so people don’t talk to me.


For Halloween I was a 1920′s flapper.


We went to the Belly Up for a big Halloween party.  It was fun, everyone went all out with their costumes.


The surf was kind of funky today.  I had a tough time catching waves, so it was a little frustrating.  Then the fog rolled in again, making it really dreary after about 3:30pm.


Also, I wanted to share this picture I took at Mecox Beach, in Southampton NY:


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