New Board

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Got a new board today.  I had been wanting a new board for a while but I kept putting it off.  Boards are expensive and I already have a few.  But, I really wanted a new shortboard shape.  High performance but for smaller, more average waves.  Tri fin, not a quad.  I also knew I wanted to get another JS model.

I saw this one at Surf Ride and did a bit of reading online and found that 5’6 was probably the right size.  Perfect!  Took me two weeks to pull the trigger though, this puppy was a bit expensive.  I’m not really an impulse buyer.

Anyway…took it out tonight for a sunset session.  It catches waves so nicely.  It turns on a dime though, have to get used to that.  Much more responsive than my other board.  Generates speed well too, but I have to figure out foot placement and how it responds.  So, first session down and I’m really stoked!  The waves weren’t that great so I can’t wait to take it out into some better surf.  This board is for junk surf though, so it probably will be too squirrely if the waves are bigger than 4ft.  Thankfully, it doesn’t get over 4′ here that much at all.

On Rail

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on rail

on rail

When Surfboards Attack

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Before stitches

My surfboard attacked me this past Thursday – I thought I had kicked it well away from me but as I was coming up for air from the whitewater I felt it hit me in the forehead.  My first thought was “how did my board get all the way over here??” and then I stood up and assessed my head.  I thought it just bumped me – it didn’t hurt that bad at first but I knew it hit me kinda hard.  I saw some blood…then more blood.  Oops.  There was someone right next to me and he looked really concerned.  Luckily this all happened in front of the Del Mar lifeguard tower and they patched me up and taped the gash shut right away.  My friend Danielle took me to the clinic.  Luckily I was able to see a plastic surgeon and he did an amazing job cleaning up the wound and stitching it up.  I was so worried about a huge scar in the middle of my forehead…but I think if I take care of it you will barely even see it after a while.

Before stitches

Stitches the next day...

Looking much better

some recent photos

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last night at San Onofre state beach

margaux at cardiff

out to sea



chasing flocks

Santa Anas

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The Santa Anas bring hot desert winds, grooming the waves into perfect blue lines

santa ana morning at pipes

Oside Slash

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My friend Chris Grant (of JettyGirl) is an amazing surf photographer, and I was lucky enough to get a shot from him. This is from July, right before I left for New York. This was the first time I was surfing with a photographer on the beach shooting ME specifically, and after a couple good waves I turned into a spaz because I was just trying so hard to surf well.  Once I start pressing like that I don’t surf very good and I kept falling and just blowing it.  However, he just sent me this photo on Facebook.  I had no idea he had any good shots from that day.  Needless to say I was pretty stoked!  (click the picture to make it bigger)

Backhand Off The Closeout, Oceanside Pier

Empty Lowers

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Another video – met up with Californian Sara Taylor and Argentinian Ornella Pellizzari to shoot some footage at Lowers. It turned into an epic marathon session with only one other person out for the majority of the time. For those who know, finding Lowers that empty is akin to winning the lottery. Check it out:

PB Surf Club / Cardiff Challenge

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Another weekend, another surf contest!

This one was a sanctioned longboard club contest. There are longboard clubs all up and down the California coast – Pacific Beach Surf club, Windansea surf club, Cardiff surf club, Swami’s Surfing Association, Malibu Surfing Association, Long Beach Surf Club…etc. You get the idea haha.

Anyway, these clubs get together and hold contests. It’s generally longboard, but they have shortboard heats and stand up paddle heats too.

Otis, a guy I met out surfing in Cardiff, recruited me to do some contests for the Cardiff Surf Club. I was flattered that he asked me, and so I told him I’d do the first one that I could (a couple I couldn’t attend since I was either busy or in NY). So that was this one.

I was sent the heat sheets a few days ago, and was dismayed to see that I was almost entering the Roxy Pro – two very very good professional surfers in my heat – a 2 time world champ and a runner up to the world champ.  Greaaat.  Haha.  Make it easy for me.  Well, Jen was traveling I think so she withdrew, but Kaitlin was still in the contest. The funny thing is, my two longboards were Kaitin’s boards. I bought them off our mutual friend Max. I had never met Kaitlin, but out in the water she was like “did you get that board from a guy?” I was like “Yeah Max.” She said “That’s my board!” So I said “are you Kaitlin?” It was so funny. Anyway….as far as the contest went, I did well in the first heat considering the people I was up against. I managed to get a clean noseride on an insider, and I think that’s what propelled me over the other girl, Nicole, to give me 3rd place. She placed ahead of me in the Summer Longboard Classic in June, so I was stoked to do a little better this time.

The final was tough, but there were still some good waves rolling through. I managed to pull a clean noseride and finish the wave through to the inside, and that was my best wave in the heat. Got a couple other waves, a couple sunk noserides. I’ve only been longboarding for about a year, so I’m pretty stoked on my results. I mean, these other girls have years and years of experience over me.

The contest jerseys they give you to wear in the water are ridiculously oversized (I guess to accomodate the big guys…everyone has to share). I nearly drowned in mine when I lost my board. First of all, I fell off and the shirt came over my face, and then trying to swim in it was like trying to swim in a bathrobe. I wasn’t going very fast.

There are a million little flies on the beach too for some reason, and as I was running to get in the water for my first heat I inhaled one. Yes. Inhaled. It went in my windpipe. I coughed it up. It was DISGUSTING. So I was surfing my first heat coughing up pieces of fly. Yeah, not optimal.

Overall a nice day at the beach. Taking a break now and having some food while I wait for the results/awards ceremony. I’ll come back and post the results.


UPDATE – So I got 4th place overall. I’m actually really happy with this. The girls that placed above me are really good, so hats off to them. I’m stoked to even be in the same contest since, again, I’ve only been longboarding a year. It’s an improvement over the longboard contest I entered back in June, where I got 6th place overall. So, movin on up!

First Round

Surf Film Trailer

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I cut a short trailer for the little surf film I’m working on.  It’s not a full length film by any means, it’s going to be very short.  However, it’s taking some time to complete since I want all the clips to be grade A.  No ho-hum waves.

Revolt Summer Surf Series Results

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Final Points Standings

This past Saturday I participated in the Finals of the Revolt Summer Surf Series held at Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach.  My friend Kim did this one with me, which was fun.  The waves were really not so great, and I was struggling to get any speed out of them and to even do a turn.  I did better in the first heat – the waves had a bit more shape.  I rode my short stubby quad, but I’m wondering if I should have just rode my thruster.  Either way, it was fun.  Kim did really well, placing second.  I got 5th overall.  Just glad I didn’t get last, haha.  I wasn’t too thrilled with my performance, but it was ok.  I just couldn’t get a good wave in the final.  I could basically ride it straight, but every time I got enough speed for a turn the wave would just disappear.

Anyway…I’m pretty stoked on getting third for the series, although only a few people actually did all of the contests.  I guess showing up is half the battle, haha.  I think I did the best in the first contest I did…I actually placed ahead of the girl who won first on Saturday.  It’s so hit or miss…and contest surfing is a bit of luck on who can get a good wave, especially when conditions aren’t that great.

NOW, if they could just figure out how to spell my name, I would be ecstatic.

Crystal Pier Contest Site

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