Surf and Softball

June 28th, 2010 § 0 comments § permalink

So I’m kind of over having dropped and nicked my phone, although I was pretty upset about it that day.  But overall I’m over it.  I’m a little disappointed that the reception of my iphone 4 in my apartment seems to be worse than my old iphone 3g, especially since the iphone 4 is supposed to be better in this area.

Anyway, yesterday was a pretty good day.  I went surfing in the morning with Val at this spot in Solana Beach called Tabletops.  It’s a reef break that’s about a 100 yard paddleout from the shore.  The waves were about chest to head high, and it’s a pretty steep wave when it breaks due to hitting the reef.  After getting tossed on my first wave I figured out the way it was breaking and proceeded to get some really fun rides.  Since we were at a new spot we felt like we were on vacation at some Hawaiian reef break – the water was so blue and the spot was actually very pretty with some caves in the cliffs along the beach.  Sometimes I’ll have to go down there and take some pictures.

After that we went and had lunch at Naked Cafe with Lori and Shawn.  I then drove down to Pacific Beach to hang out with Heather, and I ended up subbing in on one of her slowpitch teams that was playing in its final tournament.  They needed an extra girl so I dropped in.  I played pretty well – I love surprising people because nobody expects girls on these slowpitch teams to be any good.  I turned a couple double plays – always feels so good!  One was a 5-4-3 and one was a 4-3 double play after I fielded it.  In case you’re wondering, a 6-4-3 is when it’s hit to the shortstop, who fields and throws to the secondbaseman who then throws to first.  A 5-4-3 would be if it was hit to third.  The positions in baseball or softball are marked as pitcher 1, catcher 2, first base 3, and so on.  However third base is 5 and shortstop is 6.

Anyway, enough of my baseball ramblings.  We had a lot of fun watching the US World Cup matches, even though they lost that heartbreaker to Ghana.  It was a good run.

Looks like we are going to go to another Padres game in late July, and then I’m hoping to go to a Yankees game in August at the new Yankee stadium.  Yanks and Padres are doing well in their divisions!

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