Sick. Again.

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Ugh.  Well, I’m sick again.  Somehow I caught a cold last week.  Wednesday was about when I started feeling it.  I’m pretty bummed – I really think that since Nov. 1 I have spent more time sick than healthy.  It’s so frustrating because I keep trying to get into a schedule of running and surfing because I want to get into better shape.  I know I’m in relatively good shape but I just like knowing that I’m being active.  I like feeling super in-shape rather than just passably in-shape.

Bear Mountain, CA

Bear Mountain, CA

I went snowboarding with Val and Alexis on Saturday.  I had a lot of fun but unfortunately I was a bit in a daze the whole time since the cold was just taking it out of me.  I also couldn’t talk!  I sounded like a strung-out sorority girl who had too much Vodka the night before.  However I think I boarded pretty well, and it was my first time at Bear Mountain here in California.  Val was able to get us free lift tickets too, which was awesome!  Even though it was crowded and the snow quality was so-so, I really liked Bear.  I think it’s because it has a lot of smaller jumps that I can go off without being too scared.  I really want to get better at going off jumps – it’s really exhilarating!

Last night a bunch of us watched the Oscars at Megan’s house in Solana Beach.  It was fun to actually do that – I love watching the Oscars but it’s so hard to find people who also like to watch them!  So we had dinner, wine and cheese, and commented on the show.  I really had a good time.  I love movies and the film industry, so that’s my thing.  I also saw quite a few of the movies that were nominated so I felt like I had a better feel for who should have won.  I was psyched that Katherine Bigelow won for best director – the first woman to win a best director nod.  Has it really taken that long?  I’m not an ultra feminist or anything, but seriously.  Also, the fact that she directed the war movie “The Hurt Locker” is awesome.  Just goes to show that us girls actually CAN direct a serious action movie, not just romantic fluff.  Bigelow also directed Point Break and K-19 The Widowmaker.

Grumpy Clooney

Grumpy Clooney

I didn’t think that Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin were that funny though.  And what was up with George Clooney!??  He looked like he had a stick up his rear end every time they showed him on camera.  After doing some research it was supposed to be part of the gag, but I totally did NOT get it.  I really thought Mr. Clooney was angry, and it was kind of uncomfortable.  Lots of other people had no idea what was going on either.  Check this link for more info.

In other news I’ve been reading a book called “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.”  I really like it so far.   I’m about 130 pages in, and it’s a mystery/suspense/political intrigue kind of book.  I’m not quite sure how to describe it.  It takes place in Sweden, which is a really neat setting.  I’ve always been interested in places like Sweden and Finland and Norway.  You just don’t hear about them that often and I’m curious about their culture.  I think they’re pretty modern and Westernized.  I’d love to go travel there someday.

Also, I changed the theme back for you, mom.  For now.  ;)

Mammoth Mountain

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This past weekend I went up to Mammoth Mountain, CA with Suzanne and Val.  It was an amazing trip – we got an insane amount of good snow to play around in.

Basically Mammoth is a bit of a drive…it takes about 7 hours to get there.  Since Suzanne had class until around 6:45 we couldn’t leave until later in the evening.  By the time everyone was at my apartment and we had the car packed it was 8:00pm.  That is a bit late to start.  On the way there we missed the turnoff to 395 and ended up staying on the 15 towards Las Vegas.  Luckily we caught ourselves in time and were able to cut back on the 58, but it still cost us almost 40 minutes!  It was kind of a bummer.  We were joking that we might have kept driving till we saw the lights of Las Vegas.  That would have been interesting.

Towards the end of the drive we hit some snow and the road was completely covered.  Add that to the fact that it was pitch black and the light reflecting off the falling snowflakes reduced visibility to about 30 ft.  We were exhausted, and I drove the last leg since it was my car and I was most familiar with driving it in bad conditions.  We had to put chains on the tires so we stopped in front of a few other cars and used the light from their headlights to help us see.  We finally rolled into the driveway of the Sierra Lodge at 5 in the morning.  Yes.  5:00 am.  It was pretty brutal.

We woke up at around 11am and snowboarded for half a day.  By then it had snowed almost a foot of fresh snow, and the conditions were amazing.  Even though we were really, really tired we were invigorated by the sheer joy of sliding down pillowy runs of fresh powder.


The next day we headed over to Chair 25 where there were lots of intermediate difficulty tree runs.  Snowboarding through the trees when there is fresh snow is such an amazing experience.  The trees force you to pick a path and dodge branches and trunks, which adds an exhilarating challenge.  The fresh powder adds a feeling of weightlessness, and you dodge and swerve the trees, sometimes ducking through a narrow keyhole of branches.


It snowed all day, and by the end there was even more snow.  Val’s friend lent her a tiny handheld video camera device.  We took some first person video of ourselves riding around, and I had a super fun time following Val and Suzanne through the trees with it.  I’ll post video when we get it all edited.


Overall this was probably the best snowboarding trip I’ve been on in terms of quality snow.  Also, we had a pretty awesome time together too – lots of funny one liners and silly moments causing uncontrollable laughter.  Looking forward to doing this again soon!

Photos From Last Weekend

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So I said I’d post photos from last weekend, and I’m finally getting around to it.  I wrote  a few new posts below, so be sure to check them out too!

Val and I In A Blizzard Of Epic Proportions - Mt. Baldy, CA

Val and I In A Blizzard Of Epic Proportions - Mt. Baldy, CA. This is 30 minutes outside LA. Seriously.

So last weekend Val and I went up to Mt. Baldy.  It is just north of Los Angeles, and when we got up there it was a WHITEOUT.  I mean, we couldn’t see where we were snowboarding!  Having never been there before it was even scarier because we had no idea what the surroundings were like, where the trails led, what obstacles there were, etc.  We could have snowboarded off a cliff and nobody would have known.  Actually, that’s pretty unlikely because we stayed on the marked trails, but it was still a bit sketchy.  We didn’t end up boarding for very long because I felt pretty uneasy about the situation…I think Val did too.  Plus the chair lifts kept breaking down and it was almost closing time anyway by the time we made our way up to the mountain.

Amazing Sunset Leaving Mt. Baldy

Amazing Sunset Leaving Mt. Baldy

When we were leaving Mt. Baldy we witnessed the MOST beautiful sunset I’ve EVER seen.  This photo does not do it justice at all. There were so many layers of color, and the depth to the different folds of clouds is just not transmitted through this digital picture.  We rounded the corner coming down the mountain and I pretty much started screaming unintelligible words while pointing at the sky.  It was incredible.

In Line - Mt. High

In Line - Mt. High.

On Sunday we went to Mt. High…along with everyone else in the entire Southern California area.  Basically it took us 2 hours to drive 130 miles there…and then 4 hours to drive the remaining 5 miles because, well, it was the first good snowfall for this season and the best snow the local mountains have seen in a long time.  So, everyone had the same idea.  But we persevered, and after 6 hours in the car we arrived.  We had a blast actually.

View from Mt. High Looking West

View from Mt. High Looking West

Mt. High Sunset - Lights Came On For Night Skiing

Mt. High Sunset - Lights Came On For Night Skiing

We had another amazing sunset that night, and left after it got dark.

This weekend we’re going up north to Mammoth Mountain here in CA, which is  about a 7 hour drive.  They have the biggest snow base in the nation, and it’s forecast to snow about 30″ while we’re there.  I’m very excited!

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