On Rail

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on rail

on rail

San Onofre

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My House

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Had some friends over last night


Jen In San Clemente

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Jen Smith skating around San Clemente

Jen Smith skating around San Clemente

some recent photos

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last night at San Onofre state beach

margaux at cardiff

out to sea



chasing flocks

Surf Film Trailer

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I cut a short trailer for the little surf film I’m working on.  It’s not a full length film by any means, it’s going to be very short.  However, it’s taking some time to complete since I want all the clips to be grade A.  No ho-hum waves.

Red Tide

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The red tide is still around here in Leucadia, and I got to watch and photograph it again tonight. I was amazed to see that the water was sparkling with iridescence. I’m not sure what was causing it…maybe fish, or kelp moving around. The stars were out, and the water was glowing a deep, plasma-like blue. It was a bit more intense than the other night, and I was a little sad that the waves weren’t a bit bigger. However, this was one of the coolest things I have seen. Amazing.

San Diego Red Tide At Night

San Diego Red Tide At Night

San Diego Red Tide At Night

San Diego Red Tide At Night, Beacon's Beach

San Diego Red Tide At Night

Galaxy Reflections

Cloudy Night

Surf shack

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Sunset Over San Onofre

Passing Storm // San Onofre

The View // Swamis

I love California.  Last month while I was driving home from Long Beach (after returning back from New York), there were some amazing clouds.  I managed to pull over near San Onofre State Beach and capture the sunset as the brilliant pink clouds cast shadows on the water.

The bottom shot is Swami’s in March.  A surfer looks on as another is suspended in the curl, silhouette in perfect relaxation.  I love this picture…it just captures the spirit of why I paddle out time and time again.

Puerto Rico Adventures

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Check out this video I made of our crew hitting Rincon Puerto Rico for a week of fun in the sun and surf.  We weren’t greeted by roping 6ft walls of perfect swell, but we made the most of what we had.

This is my first venture filmmaking with the Canon T2i, and I had a lot of fun using it.

Adventures In Puerto Rico from Hayley Gordon on Vimeo.

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