Surf Dreams

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Had an awesome dream last night.  I had gone to another planet to report on surf conditions.  Not sure how I got there or who I was reporting for, but I think I was doing some video stuff too.  The planet was made of crystal or something, and although it was the same atmosphere as Earth it tended to always be shrouded in fog.  While I was there the fog was clearing a bit in one area.  We were staying with some of the locals – I guess they were natives to the planet for some reason but they were human.  That’s about as much as I can describe, it was more of a visual dream.  Of course in the dream I never go around to surfing, but that’s ok.  I woke up thinking it was SO cool haha.

Vivid Dreams

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I had some really vivid dreams last night.  Sometimes I wake up and I almost feel like I’ve been living another life while I sleep.

In the first dream I was living in a house with some friends.  This place looked nothing like anywhere I’ve ever lived.  There was  a small yard, and bordering the yard at the back edge of the property was a huge, derelict looking building.  I asked someone what the building was for, or if it was used.  And they said yes, it’s a prison.  So I ended up IN the building somehow, sneaking around and trying to figure out what was in there.  I ended up running into a guard, and she said, “Check out our new coat room” and pointed towards a door.  I went through the door and through this narrow staircase and ended up in a HUGE room that was a giant thrift store / gift shop.  I remember thinking, “how are they ever going to sell anything, it’s hidden in this prison down some creepy hallway.”  There were all sorts of different things, clothes, books, giant exercise machines, and even a frozen food section (I’m not kidding).  I remember thinking how strange it was they were selling food and why they were doing it.  I ended up looking at the old records that they had, but the only record player they were selling was broken.

After that, I ended up on the top floor.  I remember it was really creepy, and it was like some creepy old mental hospital from a movie.  These sprinklers randomly came on and sprayed everything with this bleach like chemical.  I got caught underneath and got soaked.  Anyway at some point I asked someone where the prisoners were, and they pointed to this room and were like, they’re all in there.  It looked like they were all cooped up in one room and they were all pounding on the windows.  It was pretty creepy.

That’s the end of that dream.  In my second dream I was this little Jewish boy (??  I know weird) somewhere on the border of Germany and Russia (there’s no such border, but whatever) and I was running around in the woods trying to escape from the army.  I remember I was with a couple other people and we were trying to set up tents in the snow.  One person was dumb and set up their tent in plan sight of the road, so I set mine up back behind some trees.  Eventually I found my way into some giant lodge near a camp site and the owners of the lodge didn’t seem to mind me going in there.  At one point I was scouting for a better hidden campsite and I ended up in this area with these giant old propane tanks.  Just then about 10 people from the army came around the bend and one of them saw me.  I tried to hide further, but there was a shootout or something.  I somehow managed to make a run for it, but I remember having molasses legs (you know in a dream where you can’t run fast but you want to?  or maybe it’s just me).  I managed to escape and cross the border and they wouldn’t let the soldiers go across the border.  It was so strange.  I ended up going into this movie theater to hide.  But I remember looking down and I was in this blue outfit with one of those yellow felt Jewish Stars that the Jews had to wear in WWII.

OK I have NO idea where these dreams came from or what they mean.  They sound creepy but I wasn’t really that scared in the dreams, just maybe stressed out a little.  I guess one theme in the dream is feeling pursued or trying to hide from people.  Not sure where the holocaust theme came from.  Weird.

My Dream – To Japan

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OK This is a weird one, and for some reason I remember everything:

Last night I had a dream I was driving (DRIVING) to Japan.  In my Jeep.  But before I got there I had to stop off at a public school to discuss something with the principal there (I don’t remember what, I think it had something to do with filmmaking).  I parked in a shady neighborhood of some random NYC suburb (felt like queens or the bronx), and had to figure out how to get into the building.  I went through a few buildings and up onto the roof of the school, which apparently had a lawn on it.  There were a bunch of people outside practicing something or having a meeting, and they were all looking at me walking through.  I smiled at them and said “sorry!” and went inside.  I found the principal in her office, she was slightly overweight with chin length red hair.  Discussed something with her, then nearly insulted her because I asked her to tell her husband something but apparently she was divorced.  So after a hearty apology (she seemed really pissed even though she was saying it was OK) I left and made my way back to my car.  At this point I was talking on the phone and trying to skateboard down some really uneven sidewalks (where the skateboard came from I have no idea).  I passed some shady individuals wandering around the streets, and I just remember being ready to run if someone came after me.  I got to my car and found that the driver and passenger doors are open with the key in the ignition.  Everything in my car was still there (all the stuff I had packed for Japan) but the people had stolen all the upholstery (including the floor mats) and my stereo, as well as certain parts of the dashboard.  The windows were shattered too.  There was a work order taped to my windshield, saying something like “this job done by…” from some random garage but no contact information.  I was really wondering why they only stole the carpeting and stuff.  I was also wondering how the car got hijacked because I had parked near a large group of kids and adults doing a fundraiser on the sidewalk (in the middle of the night in a bad neighborhood?) and they were still there, all wearing matching t-shirts for the fundraiser.  My car was running, but sounded like a boat engine and the steering was all messed up.  I tried to call 911 but I got stuck on hold – tried to re call them and the call wouldn’t go through.  I called my dad all upset, and then met him and my mom at some other apartment nearby.    Apparently we owned this apartment as a second house.  Dad was pouring some coffee from the kettle, and didn’t seem all that concerned about the car.  Mom was ready to go to Japan, but dad wanted to stay home for some reason.  I then planned the best road route to Japan…the Triborough or another road?  I decided to take the way I had gone before because I knew it better (before??????).   And then……my alarm went off.

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