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November 11th, 2014 § 0 comments


Got a new board today.  I had been wanting a new board for a while but I kept putting it off.  Boards are expensive and I already have a few.  But, I really wanted a new shortboard shape.  High performance but for smaller, more average waves.  Tri fin, not a quad.  I also knew I wanted to get another JS model.

I saw this one at Surf Ride and did a bit of reading online and found that 5’6 was probably the right size.  Perfect!  Took me two weeks to pull the trigger though, this puppy was a bit expensive.  I’m not really an impulse buyer.

Anyway…took it out tonight for a sunset session.  It catches waves so nicely.  It turns on a dime though, have to get used to that.  Much more responsive than my other board.  Generates speed well too, but I have to figure out foot placement and how it responds.  So, first session down and I’m really stoked!  The waves weren’t that great so I can’t wait to take it out into some better surf.  This board is for junk surf though, so it probably will be too squirrely if the waves are bigger than 4ft.  Thankfully, it doesn’t get over 4′ here that much at all.

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