Thunderstorm Synchronicity

August 20th, 2014 § 1 comment

I was rudely awoken at 6:30 am this morning by the loudest bang of thunder I’ve heard in a long time.  That’s extremely unusual for So Cal.  That kind of weather just doesn’t happen here.

I had gone to bed late – a variety of reasons had kept me up until almost 3am.  Being woken up at 6:30 was NOT on my agenda.  However, after looking outside and seeing this:

tstormI knew I had to grab my camera and go storm chasing.  It looked like that scene in Donnie Darko, and I expected a plane engine to fall out of the sky.   What I got was an assortment of downpours, rainbows, crazy clouds, and some cool ocean views:








When I opened the app on my phone to check the storm array on the satellite image, I was dumbfounded:


That storm line was moving in such a way that it was going North East but staying directly over Encinitas.  So the entire length of that trail passed right over Encinitas, directly over my apartment.  You couldn’t have aimed it more perfectly.

It’s easy to blow these things out of proportion and think that you’re special or something, but coincidences like this are fun.  I’m constantly saying that I miss the thunderstorms we would get in New York (and also Michigan).  I LOVE thunderstorms.  I will stay up late at night to watch one pass, and I will go out of my way to chase them around.  I’m weird like that.  I get a weird adrenaline rush from thunderstorms though, so maybe that’s why I get so into them.  Either way, it was like someone phoned it in and ordered the storm cell special, parading right over Encinitas and basically leaving the rest of California north and south of this band high and dry.

It’s even more funny because my friends and I were just talking about weird coincidences and synchronicity and all that stuff.  It’s fun to think about.

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