The Signal

June 30th, 2014 § 1 comment

thesignalI really like sci-fi, and this movie started out quite promising – I enjoyed the quiet flashback sequences and the cinematography, and the buildup was very creepy.  However, it always seems like the wheels tend to fall off after the initial buildup in so many of these sci-fi movies.

I left the movie theater a bit disappointed.  Nothing really gelled together or made sense.

His tattoo?  Area 51?  The aliens went so far as to create an entire Area 51 on their spaceship….for what?  Who were the people living there?  Truck stops and weird bars and a desert?  Why go through all the trouble?   Why did the main guy have a single pistol in that red case?  Surely these aliens have better ways to kill people.

What was the cow about?

There were some very mysterious elements to the movie which I really really liked, but it’s very annoying when absolutely nothing fits together in any sensible way.

Anyway.  The atmosphere and the cinematography were great.  I wanted to like this movie so much, but I just can’t get my head around all the loose plot points blowing around.

As an aside, it reminded me of Half Life, that old ground-breaking video game.

There has to be better screenplays out there…


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