When Surfboards Attack

March 12th, 2012 § 0 comments

Before stitches

My surfboard attacked me this past Thursday – I thought I had kicked it well away from me but as I was coming up for air from the whitewater I felt it hit me in the forehead.  My first thought was “how did my board get all the way over here??” and then I stood up and assessed my head.  I thought it just bumped me – it didn’t hurt that bad at first but I knew it hit me kinda hard.  I saw some blood…then more blood.  Oops.  There was someone right next to me and he looked really concerned.  Luckily this all happened in front of the Del Mar lifeguard tower and they patched me up and taped the gash shut right away.  My friend Danielle took me to the clinic.  Luckily I was able to see a plastic surgeon and he did an amazing job cleaning up the wound and stitching it up.  I was so worried about a huge scar in the middle of my forehead…but I think if I take care of it you will barely even see it after a while.

Before stitches

Stitches the next day...

Looking much better

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