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The other night I rode bikes with some friends all the way from Pacific Beach to Downtown San Diego, with a couple stops on the way to a friend’s birthday at El Camino.  It was a night time bike ride, and having never been biking around that area it was actually pretty darn cool.  Just so you’re aware, the ride was 12 miles each way, meaning we biked 24 miles in one night!  I don’t know how I did it, considering I never bike and I hadn’t ridden since January.  It was a nice night out, and we took the bike paths and went over a few bridges.  I don’t know the paths, so I was just following.  I had no idea where we were most of the time until suddenly we popped out in Old Town, the historical Mexican mission themed area in San Diego.  We stopped for some sake at a sushi place where a friend of one of us was working, and then moved on to El Camino where we had a mini dance party, and then continued downtown to a place called Voyeur in the Gaslamp.  I couldn’t believe we biked all the way down there.  Then we had to ride back, and we ended up getting back at 3am.

The whole mission was pretty darn cool.  There were 4 of us so we were safe, (for you parents reading this, haha) and I felt like I was 10 years old again.   I also kind felt like those kids you see in 80′s movies like ET and the Goonies where they’re always riding their bikes in a group to some adventure or another.

Of course, we weren’t being chased by police, and we didn’t go flying through the air, but you get the idea :) By the way, when they fly through the air is one of the best scenes in cinema history, in my opinion.

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