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Lower Trestles is one of the absolute best waves in the world. It’s like a playground – rampy, fast, and long. It’s credited as one of the most “rippable” waves in the world, meaning that it’s just an incredible canvas on which to work on turns, airs, and all sorts of surfing maneuvers.

However, this also means that it’s incredibly crowded. Catching waves is a bit of a trick. You can paddle in the middle of the crowd, or you can sit off to the side and pick off the ones that swing wide. Generally that’s what I do, although sometimes I get sucked into the crowd thinking “well, maybe this once I can be in the right position for a set wave.” In my case though, the latter strategy generally means running people over or getting run over myself.  Yesterday I even smashed my hand onto someone’s board as I was paddling.  I thought I broke my hand it hurt so bad, but it’s OK.

Either way, anytime you go to Lowers you’ll be able to witness some of the most talented surfers around. Inevitably there will be a handful of serious professionals out there. All these elements combine to make it a great place to shoot photos and video. So that’s where I have been going the past few days. Yesterday I spent all day at Lowers – and walked the trail from my car to the beach and back THREE times (generally to get to get to Lowers you need to park quite far away). That was poor planning on my part – I certainly didn’t intend to do that. No, not when the hike is 20 minutes at least. ONE way. Yes, that means I walked almost 6 miles yesterday, surfed for 2 hours, and took some video. All in all, I was really stinkin’ tired.  But in a good way!

I can’t complain though – I got to surf one of the best waves on the planet and spend all day there filming.  I actually had my best Lowers session yet.  I’ve only surfed it a handful of times, and I can kind of measure how my surfing has progressed by how I do there.  My first time at Lowers was really tough – I only got 2 waves in quite a while.  This last session I got about 6 good waves, which is not as many as I would have liked, but I caught them and surfed them well (at least in my mind).  Lowers is so cool – it’s such a perfect wave that it’s really easy to do turns, and even plan out your next turn.  I had enough time to think to myself – “OK, use your upper body to initiate this turn.”  It definitely helps your surfing when you have a good wave to work with.

Anyway, here are a few of the photos I shot. You will see the video I shot when I’m finished with my mini surf video, which should be done hopefully by the end of next week if all goes well. I just need a few more good clips and I’ll be set.

Catching Air - Unidentified

Throwing Tail - Unidentified

Silvana Lima, carving

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