New Board

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Got a new board today.  I had been wanting a new board for a while but I kept putting it off.  Boards are expensive and I already have a few.  But, I really wanted a new shortboard shape.  High performance but for smaller, more average waves.  Tri fin, not a quad.  I also knew I wanted to get another JS model.

I saw this one at Surf Ride and did a bit of reading online and found that 5’6 was probably the right size.  Perfect!  Took me two weeks to pull the trigger though, this puppy was a bit expensive.  I’m not really an impulse buyer.

Anyway…took it out tonight for a sunset session.  It catches waves so nicely.  It turns on a dime though, have to get used to that.  Much more responsive than my other board.  Generates speed well too, but I have to figure out foot placement and how it responds.  So, first session down and I’m really stoked!  The waves weren’t that great so I can’t wait to take it out into some better surf.  This board is for junk surf though, so it probably will be too squirrely if the waves are bigger than 4ft.  Thankfully, it doesn’t get over 4′ here that much at all.


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The depiction of the wormhole was quite amazing

I just saw Interstellar tonight.  It was being shown in several different formats, from digital projection (standard these days) to 35mm to 70mm IMAX.  I read that the director’s first choice would be for people to see it in 70mm IMAX glory as that was the medium it was filmed in.  But, I didn’t feel like driving an hour to Irvine and then paying $20 for a ticket.  I saw that Arclight was showing a 35mm print so I figured the smaller print would suffice – smaller but still that film quality.

Well, just my luck but the projector was having problems with the audio.  They literally had to stop the film 15 minutes in, try to fix it, and then switch to a digital projection.  I was pretty annoyed but whatever…  I just wanted to watch the movie.  I will say though, that when they switched from the film to digital I was able to compare the quality.  The digital projection lacks a warmth and depth that the film print has.  The digital projection is sharper (sharper lines, more in focus) but it lacks the color depth.  I really miss film.  It was so nice to see the dust and scratches on the print.

Anyway.  I really wanted to like this film, and for the most part I did.  It brought out that childish wonder that I get when I watch a good sci-fi film.  When they first go through the wormhole I think my mouth was hanging open – they depicted it so well.  And then on the planet with the huge open water swells – WOW.  As a surfer, that was f r i g h t e n i n g.  I love the idea of a planet that has 500 ft waves.   What kind of a storm generates that!?   Although I must say, the waves were impossibly steep, so they must have been near shore.  And the water only seemed to be like 1 foot deep where they were standing, so I didn’t understand why the wave was just rolling through and not crashing.  It didn’t make much sense to me.  But maybe that’s the surf you get when you’re just a couple thousand miles from a black hole.  Or maybe it was a tidal swing??  I don’t get it.    Anyway…  I didn’t watch the movie for a lecture on tidal science.

When Coop comes back from the wave planet (where time is slower due to the proximity to the black hole) to find his shipmate has been waiting for them for….27 years.  Holy crap.  What a movie moment.  I was shocked.  I know that time is relative and I’ve read about time moving slower based on gravity in books.  But seeing it represented as people trying to rush back from a planet because an hour to them is 7 years to their friend waiting at the base station just blew my mind.  It just makes the science behind relativity and our perception of time all the more weird and interesting.

The script seemed unwieldy though.  Major plot points seem rushed at times, giving you the bare minimum information to roll on through to the next plot point.  The ending seemed rushed as well, and a bit disjointed compared to the beginning of the film.

Despite the fact that it just didn’t come together the way I would have liked, I still found it to be incredibly enjoyable.  I love the ideas and science behind it.  That’s why I read a lot of Brian Greene.  It’s been a while since I was truly excited while watching a film, so for that I must give this one a pretty high recommendation.  But then again, I’m a sucker for sci-fi so I might be a bit biased.

Thunderstorm Synchronicity

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I was rudely awoken at 6:30 am this morning by the loudest bang of thunder I’ve heard in a long time.  That’s extremely unusual for So Cal.  That kind of weather just doesn’t happen here.

I had gone to bed late – a variety of reasons had kept me up until almost 3am.  Being woken up at 6:30 was NOT on my agenda.  However, after looking outside and seeing this:

tstormI knew I had to grab my camera and go storm chasing.  It looked like that scene in Donnie Darko, and I expected a plane engine to fall out of the sky.   What I got was an assortment of downpours, rainbows, crazy clouds, and some cool ocean views:








When I opened the app on my phone to check the storm array on the satellite image, I was dumbfounded:


That storm line was moving in such a way that it was going North East but staying directly over Encinitas.  So the entire length of that trail passed right over Encinitas, directly over my apartment.  You couldn’t have aimed it more perfectly.

It’s easy to blow these things out of proportion and think that you’re special or something, but coincidences like this are fun.  I’m constantly saying that I miss the thunderstorms we would get in New York (and also Michigan).  I LOVE thunderstorms.  I will stay up late at night to watch one pass, and I will go out of my way to chase them around.  I’m weird like that.  I get a weird adrenaline rush from thunderstorms though, so maybe that’s why I get so into them.  Either way, it was like someone phoned it in and ordered the storm cell special, parading right over Encinitas and basically leaving the rest of California north and south of this band high and dry.

It’s even more funny because my friends and I were just talking about weird coincidences and synchronicity and all that stuff.  It’s fun to think about.

The Signal

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thesignalI really like sci-fi, and this movie started out quite promising – I enjoyed the quiet flashback sequences and the cinematography, and the buildup was very creepy.  However, it always seems like the wheels tend to fall off after the initial buildup in so many of these sci-fi movies.

I left the movie theater a bit disappointed.  Nothing really gelled together or made sense.

His tattoo?  Area 51?  The aliens went so far as to create an entire Area 51 on their spaceship….for what?  Who were the people living there?  Truck stops and weird bars and a desert?  Why go through all the trouble?   Why did the main guy have a single pistol in that red case?  Surely these aliens have better ways to kill people.

What was the cow about?

There were some very mysterious elements to the movie which I really really liked, but it’s very annoying when absolutely nothing fits together in any sensible way.

Anyway.  The atmosphere and the cinematography were great.  I wanted to like this movie so much, but I just can’t get my head around all the loose plot points blowing around.

As an aside, it reminded me of Half Life, that old ground-breaking video game.

There has to be better screenplays out there…



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“When I wrote this song, I’d never been to Calgary – still haven’t been – and I had a few really close friends that I’d met throughout the years from Calgary, and it always seemed like a place that I felt connected to. This song sort of became about an envisionment, a place, about when you think there’s somebody out there that you could be in love with but you haven’t met them yet. And it sort of became a metaphor for places you haven’t been but that you feel like you know, and you can sort of have that feeling about somebody you haven’t met that you feel like you’re supposed to be with.”

A Trip In Five Parts

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The husband was frail and gaunt.
a fifth of Scotch
like spring water, gulping
another addict


The European boy
his ghost
the door to the room ajar


Hitchhiking from Athens
without a map
coastal roads, at dusk.
coffee, to keep himself awake


Suzanne asked him what he was hauling.
Inside were thousands of baby chicks in stacks of wire cages.


The Tehran hospital
I would go tomorrow.
Things disappeared,
Bob and the long haired guy
But I remembered them, on the island of Ios.


Surf Dreams

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Had an awesome dream last night.  I had gone to another planet to report on surf conditions.  Not sure how I got there or who I was reporting for, but I think I was doing some video stuff too.  The planet was made of crystal or something, and although it was the same atmosphere as Earth it tended to always be shrouded in fog.  While I was there the fog was clearing a bit in one area.  We were staying with some of the locals – I guess they were natives to the planet for some reason but they were human.  That’s about as much as I can describe, it was more of a visual dream.  Of course in the dream I never go around to surfing, but that’s ok.  I woke up thinking it was SO cool haha.

Vivid Dreams

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I had some really vivid dreams last night.  Sometimes I wake up and I almost feel like I’ve been living another life while I sleep.

In the first dream I was living in a house with some friends.  This place looked nothing like anywhere I’ve ever lived.  There was  a small yard, and bordering the yard at the back edge of the property was a huge, derelict looking building.  I asked someone what the building was for, or if it was used.  And they said yes, it’s a prison.  So I ended up IN the building somehow, sneaking around and trying to figure out what was in there.  I ended up running into a guard, and she said, “Check out our new coat room” and pointed towards a door.  I went through the door and through this narrow staircase and ended up in a HUGE room that was a giant thrift store / gift shop.  I remember thinking, “how are they ever going to sell anything, it’s hidden in this prison down some creepy hallway.”  There were all sorts of different things, clothes, books, giant exercise machines, and even a frozen food section (I’m not kidding).  I remember thinking how strange it was they were selling food and why they were doing it.  I ended up looking at the old records that they had, but the only record player they were selling was broken.

After that, I ended up on the top floor.  I remember it was really creepy, and it was like some creepy old mental hospital from a movie.  These sprinklers randomly came on and sprayed everything with this bleach like chemical.  I got caught underneath and got soaked.  Anyway at some point I asked someone where the prisoners were, and they pointed to this room and were like, they’re all in there.  It looked like they were all cooped up in one room and they were all pounding on the windows.  It was pretty creepy.

That’s the end of that dream.  In my second dream I was this little Jewish boy (??  I know weird) somewhere on the border of Germany and Russia (there’s no such border, but whatever) and I was running around in the woods trying to escape from the army.  I remember I was with a couple other people and we were trying to set up tents in the snow.  One person was dumb and set up their tent in plan sight of the road, so I set mine up back behind some trees.  Eventually I found my way into some giant lodge near a camp site and the owners of the lodge didn’t seem to mind me going in there.  At one point I was scouting for a better hidden campsite and I ended up in this area with these giant old propane tanks.  Just then about 10 people from the army came around the bend and one of them saw me.  I tried to hide further, but there was a shootout or something.  I somehow managed to make a run for it, but I remember having molasses legs (you know in a dream where you can’t run fast but you want to?  or maybe it’s just me).  I managed to escape and cross the border and they wouldn’t let the soldiers go across the border.  It was so strange.  I ended up going into this movie theater to hide.  But I remember looking down and I was in this blue outfit with one of those yellow felt Jewish Stars that the Jews had to wear in WWII.

OK I have NO idea where these dreams came from or what they mean.  They sound creepy but I wasn’t really that scared in the dreams, just maybe stressed out a little.  I guess one theme in the dream is feeling pursued or trying to hide from people.  Not sure where the holocaust theme came from.  Weird.

And This, Too, Shall Pass Away

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“It is said an Eastern monarch once charged his wise men to invent him a sentence, to be ever in view, and which should be true and appropriate in all times and situations. They presented him the words: “And this, too, shall pass away.” How much it expresses! How chastening in the hour of pride! How consoling in the depths of affliction!” -Abraham Lincoln

On Rail

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on rail

on rail